LV Law's Corporate Division represents commercial banks, mortgage lenders, leasing companies and a wide array of business clients. In the course of their representation, the members of the Corporate Division have developed an enabling expertise to anticipate and solve issues related to general and specialized corporate transactions, financing, business, mergers and acquisitions, real estate, D.P.O. transactions and commercial leasing.


The Tax Division at LV Law is focused in providing our clients with the tools and expertise necessary to prepare for any tax-related issues involved in day-to-day business and individual transactions. Tax advice includes, but is not limited to, matters in income, property, excise, municipal license and payroll taxes, as well as employee benefits, estate, gift tax planning and tax credits.

We also provide services in the formation of new entities in Puerto Rico, the planning involved to maximize tax benefits, and consequences in doing business among the various alternatives provided by law. Our practice also includes tax exemption matters (including industrial and tourism activities) affecting Puerto Rico, United States and foreign entities operating in Puerto Rico, as well as the tax credits applicable to the corresponding incentives Act. We assist our clients in complex corporate transactions, such as, reorganizations, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, as well as simple transactions.

We have served as advocates and have represented our clients before the various taxing authorities (Treasury Department, Municipal Revenue Collection Center, and various Municipalities) to negotiate closing agreements and private letter rulings. As part of our services, we also assist in monitoring Legislative Bills and Administrative Regulations and drafting position papers and/or testimonies for Committees and Agencies, including drafting of new legislation.


In today's highly regulated and legislated market place, many of our clients are faced with legislative and regulatory interventions. Drawing on the skills of the firm's varied practitioners, former elected officials, retired Judges and former high-ranking Executive Officials; we have helped our clients by:
Articulating a policy position and inserting their views in the policy debates.
Monitoring Legislative Bills and Administrative Regulations and drafting position papers and/or testimonies for Committees and Agencies.
Drafting of new legislation.
Counseling our clients in many of the traditional and emerging issues in the areas of taxes, health care, eminent domain, banking regulations and financial products.
Through our grasp of the rules of legislative procedure, a sense of how the institutions of government operate and the expertise of our practitioners, we work together with our clients to achieve what is sensible and in a way that promotes each client's long-term business and reputation.


Our trial lawyers are trained to conduct litigation in both languages, Spanish and English for they are admitted to the Puerto Rico Bar Association and/or the United States District Court for the District of Puerto Rico.
Our Litigation Department handles litigation involving the following specialized areas:
Contractual Law
Torts Injunctive Relief
Creditors in Bankruptcy Matters
Eminent Domain
Consumer and Commercial Collections
Mortgage Foreclosures
HUD Rules and Regulations
Labor and Employment Claims
Litigators at LV Law are also active representing claims before the administrative agencies of the Government of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.